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Medical Marijuana Exams and Renewals

Renew a Medical Marijuana Card
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Patient Profiles

Martin Martin C's experiences in the U.S. Naval Air Force included exposure to radiation during nuclear testing in 1956. Now 74, the former intelligence officer and retired psychotherapist suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, arthritis, migraines, and has battled skin cancer. Marty learned of marijuana's medical benefits while counseling Vietnam War veterans. "You can only take intense pain for so long before you'll do anything to escape it. Marijuana makes my life so much easier. It allows you to be comfortable."


Medical Marijuna: Common Questions

How do I renew my Michigan medical marijuana card?

As with certification, renewing is a two-step process: recertification with the doctor, and reapplication to the state. We offer renewal exams at any of our locations for $150 if you are a returning patient. The fee for patients renewing with us for the first time is $200. Please click on a location using the pull-down menu at the top right corner of this page to see our schedule for the clinic nearest you.

If you are new to our practice, we need your paperwork from your previous certification, and medical records pertaining to your qualifying condition. Please call us with your questions, or to make an appointment: 855-420-8100.

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