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Medical Marijuana Exams and Renewals

Renew a Medical Marijuana Card
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Patient Profiles

Dan When Dan I., 54, of Parchment was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in March 2009, an oncology nurse suggested medical marijuana might help him with his chemotherapy and radiation. Cancer free as of February 2011, Dan swears by the benefits of cannabis in helping to ease his severe pain, to quell nausea in order to eat, and to relax enough to sleep comfortably. "Marijuana had a lot to do with me surviving my cancer."


Get your Medical Marijuana Card

First, you need to have a qualifying condition: Severe chronic pain, nausea, seizures, or muscle spasms; cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, Crohn's Disease, ALS, agitation of Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, nail patella, cachexia (wasting syndrome) or PTSD.

The appointment fee is $200 (cash, money order, debit, credit).

Then, we need medical records about your condition.

A diagnosis from your doctor is all we need if you suffer from cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, or ALS. For everything else, we need records from THREE visits WITHIN the last three years about your qualifying condition.

Obtaining the records yourself is usually fastest, but we can request your medical records with your signed Medical Records Release Form, and the doctor's FAX and PHONE number.

(Please note, we do not offer primary care to manage your other medical needs.)

To make an appointment at one of our locations, click here or call 855-420-8100.